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    Hi, All Just to let you know... ALL IS FINE HERE We have also spoken to one of the Guys who works/worked for Wilsons and he has confirmed that they are folding and has been told this time they may well be out of the business for good. ( but wait and see) Having a quick read through the posts and you are quite right. We have lapsed in getting back to people due to the work load we have on.. At the current moment in time we are training 'Sue' in all aspects of the job before moving her full time into the office. This is to give people confidence when they phone up that they can talk to someone with knowledge about the product instead of a glorified answer phone. We have two new guys who will also be shadowing Scott and myself for a couple of years before we let them out there on their own. To learn the skills required (to our standards) takes time. Whilst this is happening there is of course a transition period. So slowly but surely we will be improving our communication as we will have more time to spare. Our apologies to anyone who has been let done slightly but we do endeavour to make everyone happy in the end. We are a very truthful, proud and up front company with nothing to hide. NOW "Popping Kinver canopies into my credit check advises that no credit should be given to them..." We don't have credit on any of our goods. we started with nothing and purchased our first roll of material on my credit card then paid it off straight away. As soon as we could afford to buy stock we did... we owe nothing. We pay as we order. Thus we may not have a super credit score. Our suppliers do offer it but we say no thanks. 1. You can sleep better at night 2. What's yours is yours. 3. If the worst case did every happen. we would be happy in the knowledge that we haven't let anyone suffer due to our lose. ( but I hope that day never comes). Hope that clears it all up. We really look forward to seeing you all at crick as we had great fun last year (Where we'll have balloons, pens,ipad pointers and beer to give away). Ange, we'll call you tomorrow MJG, It's on the house Happy Sunday all.
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    I used to love his "Janet and John" stories..he came over as a lovely man and very much part of my life..I listened to his breakfast show, his Sundays on radio and watched some of his chat shows....I liked him. I felt quite sad this morning and instead of out there tackling garden am listening to the radio....
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    Personally, I have seen no evidence to suggest that CRT are not prioritising boating; their response to incidents in the North last year such as breaches, and this year to repair flood damage (which they have publicly declared is a current priority), has not seemed to lack urgency. Perhaps there is evidence of different priorities elsewhere, but I have found the CRT North West region to be communicative with boaters and issues raised have been addressed. To be fair, the way some boaters speak to the CRT representatives at meetings I wouldn't blame them if they had closed their ears to them. The main contention that I am aware of is against increased enforcement and this is from the group who want to use the canals on their terms and not within the rules. As some have said, I think the boating community have a problem speaking with a coherent voice as people have different agendas.
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    If you're there, find us at Crick.. We should have some more Green duck blonde real ale to give away to our old and new customers alike.
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    Just spent an hour or so listening to janet and john on youtube. Mixed tears, but happy memories of pulling over on the drive to work cos I couldn't see properly to drive.
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    Use to listen to his breakfast show eveyday,Beeb could not find a suitable replacement so gave it to Chris Evans.
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    Speaking as someone who did a 5 year engineering apprenticeship and went to college and night school,to get my city&guilds, funded by my employer ofcourse,back in the early '80's now 30 years ago, I've just about spent my entire working life in overalls on the shop floor. This is how it is, take It from me. Bluecollar /whitecollar jobs; only us English could come up with this, If you wear overalls and work in a factory you are perceived as a thick oily rag hand clanky,who probably lives in a terraced house and keeps coal in the bath,drinks too much and may be a closet communist and therefore needs to be kept in his place. White collar workers, well, you're the man! Middle England it's best. People ought to respect you because you wear a shirt and tie to work and look important.the very fact you were given an office job to get you off the shop floor where you couldn't scrap any more expensive components, as you lacked the mental capacity and manual dexterity to operate a machine seems irrelevant now.shuffle bits of paper. I've known a few. Sad fact Is, British are inveterate snobs. Tradesmans entrance? That's about sums us up. What other countries had that? That's why we are light years behind Germany now, we don't respect our engineers. Who really won the second world war then? Germany got the last laugh, MAN,krupps,AEG,SIEMENS,ABB,are still going, and are world leaders. Where are we in comparison? Deliberately weakened so the rest of Europe can use us as an offshore dumping ground for economic migrants. That's where we're going.
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    Thanks 'Bottle' Not such a strange a first post. I've had dealings with them and am quite happy they have stopped trading. For how long we'll see. I only posted just to let people know. I hate rouge operators as I've have had a very close friend forced into bankruptcy by companies wrapping up on him whilst still owing him a fortune then begin trading a few weeks later under another name . Its wrong and unfair. I only hope this time they prove themselves to be above that. Rant over. Enjoy your weekend.
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    I made a lot of use of the algebra I learnt at school... while I was doing my maths degree. Not so much afterwards, because I went into the commercial side of IT. But seriously, mathematics is built upon algebra, and the Industrial Revolution and the modern world were built upon mathematics. Not everyone needs to understand basic mathematics, but the more the better, and in my view a major factor holding science and technology in the UK back is that for decades maths (and science) teaching has been an unattractive career option. Lots of maths graduates made the same choice as me, to go into IT and earn twice as much without having to deal with all the boring admin paperwork that teachers do. So the schools constantly struggle to fill jobs, and probably sometimes lower standards to do so, although I'm sure there are some very good maths teachers out there too; they'll be the ones doing it because they find the teaching part so rewarding that it compensates for the low pay and paperwork.
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    Anyway, 2 suggestions: 1/ Spend some of the time you currently spend trying to get around the law, actually cruising. Then you would be a compliant CCer! 2/ Try your ruse and see where I gets you. That is the only relevant test, what we think is irrelevant.
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