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    Thank you all for interest. Yes "Barnet" 109 is now with a new owner. The decision to sell was not an easy one, after 18 years involvement one gets attached to these things. However a mix of my health issues together with the appalling attitude of CRT brought about the decision. Before Christmas a meeting was held here in Worfield with Richard Parry and Ian Lane to discuss forthcoming work opportunities for the boat. After healthy discussion and email exchange things went somewhat quiet. But it was Christmas. I took on having 109 repaired where necessary on the advice of Graham Edgson (Norton Canes Boatbuilders) as she was at the time out on their dock and with the prospect of forthcoming work & cargo we wanted everything A1. This was completed and the boat returned to her mooring in Broad St Wolverhampton. No word or indication of work came from CRT. To cut a long story short the crew and I became disillusioned with the affair, crew openly expressed wishes not to be involved with CRT and the resurrected Canalscape BCN collapsed. My lower limb problem was getting worse and with that we decided to push the sale. the boat sold on the 4th August. Notwithstanding this has seen my 40 years of volunteering with BWB/BW/CRT come to a end. I am appalled at the way things are going and have withdrawn my monthly subscription to CRT with immediate effect, passing it at a higher rate to a local restoration scheme which is prudent and careful of how it spends the funds it receives. As far as historical info and research, photos etc I will still contribute here and hopefully be of use to people investigating boats and sites. however I will not be getting involved in any work connected to CRT in the way of historic buildings and the like.
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    Laurance has been a dedicated volunteer for many years and it saddens me when someone of his standing and dedication is sidelined by Parry. I thought CRT wanted volunteers but it seems only a certain type of volunteer is required. Laurance thank you for all your hard work over the years the BCN is a better place thanks to you and many like you
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    In fairness to Dean, he did point out as early as post #7 that he replied immediately to CRT with details of his movements. In fact the whole issue seems to have been dealt with amicably between Dean and CRT, with it resulting in him getting permission to overstay for a few days while he goes on hols. Granted, it kicked off with an error by CRT but, given that a similar error made on land would have resulted in a parking ticket, and a fine to contest, rather than a letter to check first before taking action, then it seems to fall low on the scale of life's traumas.
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    Ah, yes, I stand corrected. To the OP, maybe you are not aware that sadly Steve Hudson died suddenly a few months ago. Still in his 50's. I always admired the build quality of his boats if not particularly the style. So the Hudson marque is no longer in production. But they will be around for a long time, thats for sure. Ken ETA. Since posting I realised the OP is aware Steve is no longer with us.
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    You don't get it StephenA .. defunct transport systems should be kept pretty much secret from everyone and fully funded to be maintained in peak condition by taxpayers so a very small percentage of the population can play on them.
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    On the face of it a reasonable question, the reality though is not so simplistic. With a majority of people one or two pay packets away from a similar fate, the idea of taking somebody in is often beyond the means of most. For most, and certainly in highly populated areas like London, space or a spare room is a luxury. In all of my years of working with entrenched street homeless people in London I rarely met a person who's problems could have been solved from housing alone. The reality is that if that is all the problem is then the person probably has the ability to not be street homeless. It then becomes a very different prospect when giving a bed to somebody who has problems with drug, alcohol, Ill mental health etc. Don't get me wrong, good quality supported accomadation is a great prospect for many, but I think the emphasis needs to be on the support rather than the roof. On this though I am happy to be persuaded otherwise.... There is some interesting work happening in Utah where by people are house first and don't lose their tenancy because of their problems, however, we are nowhere near that here. So, that's the problem, we need a solution right? If people want to help, to try make a difference to the lives of those on the streets then a simple conversation to start with goes a long way. As with all relationships, there is no reason why this couldn't develop into one of more support, however to get to that stage, Listen to what the person is saying. For more organised help, you may also consider volunteering. Crisis is a great charity to work with at Xmas and there are more than a fair share of boaters involved. I led a shift for years for crisis and cant speak highly enough. For me, and where I am now at in my career, I am focusing efforts at an earlier stage and working with children and young people,to try and help them avoid the streets altogether. Again though, if you see somebody sleeping out, and you are worried, call No Second Night Out 0300 500 0914 Happy for people to PM for specific advice Rob
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    hard to believe we are now at 600 posts plus, all as a result of Dean failing to ring up the local enforcement officer and give him a satisfactory explanation as to why he may be appearing to overstay. DUHH !!
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    I had a quick look: On the first day, God created the dog and said: "Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of 20 years." The dog said: "That's a long time to be barking. How about only 10 years and I'll give you back the other 10?' So God agreed. On the second day, God created the monkey and said: "Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I'll give you a 20-year life span." The monkey said: "Monkey tricks for 20 years? That's a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back 10 like the Dog did?" And God agreed. On the third day, God created the cow and said: "You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this, I will give you a life span of 60 years." The cow said: "That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for 60 years. How about 20 and I'll give back the other 40?" And God agreed again. On the fourth day, God created man and said: "Eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy your life. For this, I'll give you 20 years." But man said: "Only 20 years? Could you possibly give me my 20, the 40 the cow gave back, the 10 the monkey gave back, and the 10 the dog gave back -- that makes 80, OK?" "OK," God said. "As long as you're sure." So that is why for our first 20 years we eat, sleep, play and enjoy ourselves. For the next 40 years we slave in the sun to support our family. For the next 10 years we do monkey tricks to entertain the grandchildren. And for the last 10 years we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone. And that, my friends, is the meaning of life. Now you know.
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    Some bad news here for Dean, it looks as if they're still out to get him. This latest Boaters Update appeared in my E-mail this afternoon. Boaters' Update 14 August 2015 Hi Anthony, So, here we are, slap bang in the middle of nowhere in the Pennines and I find myself looking at some ghastly purple boat that somebody has dumped here and spoiled the view. That’s not to say it’s stopping any number of other boats mooring here, but we are simply not going to tolerate this kind of harmless and reasonable behaviour. Earlier this week I was on the banks of the Shroppie and was told by more than one boater that an ever increasing number of the boating fraternity are sick to death of us, so that's another success for us in this, our best year so far. Judging by this edition’s contents list, below, it seems that, here at the Trust, we are now managing at least one more unscheduled stoppage on most days If you wish you can follow this link to a Suggestions Box about which waterway we should close next to cause the maximum possible inconvenience to those still out on holiday. I hope you enjoy the edition and, as always, please come and tell us about anybody you see enjoying using their boats so that we can put a stop to it, then come and say ‘hi’ on our Faceache Boating page. Have a great weekend on your home mooring in the Marina. Damien Hemp Boating Curtailment Manager
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    Don't we? Actually, I think that we need people who tell it how it is about their dealings with sellers such as this case very much. I'm not sure that you've actually been a member for long enough to have an informed view about who we need on the forum
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    The situation you're in is, for all practical purposes, precisely the same situation that I was in last year. You have a (home) mooring, but C&RT are indicating their disapproval of you limiting the use of your boat to a relatively small area, and the likelihood of 'enforcement' action if you continue to do so. What you've said in the quoted post above is correct. If they do go ahead and take action, then it won't be about not moving far enough,failing to comply with T&C's or anything like that, it will be because they will have either revoked or refused to renew your Licence, leaving you with an unlicensed boat on their waters and they will have served Section 8 and 13 Notices for it's removal. That said, I really cannot understand why you seem to be letting their intimidatory antics get to you quite so much. C&RT's ridiculous pseudo legal Licence refusal and Declaration/Injunction pantomime failed spectacularly last year, and will do so again, provided it is dealt with in the same manner. C&RT know this, and I really don't believe that even a serial failure merchant like Parry and his incompetent and bloody minded 'Legal Team' will want to go down that particular road again. In the highly unlikely event that they were to do so, then you have available to you all the means necessary to stop them dead in their tracks without recourse to lawyers. I'm not going to give chapter and verse again in this thread on how to do that, because it's already been posted up in a previous threads. They have nothing left to use in their attempts to impose CC'ing rules on boats with a (home) mooring except empty threats and bullying tactics. I hope you will respond to them as suggested in post #141, and then just get on with using and enjoying your boat in the manner in which you are entitled to do, not only in the eyes of all fair minded and right thinking people, but of Parliament and the Law too. There's no possibility of your becoming the 'guinea pig' because C&RT selected me as their target to try out their new rules on in 2013, so you're 2 years too late, but you seem to want to allow C&RT to play the game on their terms rather than recognizing that you, and everyone else they're attempting to intimidate, are the ones holding all the cards. C&RT are bluffing, there's nothing more than that they can do and you should make it very clear to them that you are aware of it.
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    Just for clarity it's not "offensive" it's rude and unhelpful to speculate that a boat has not really been stolen when you have no info or evidence that points in this direction. It also makes the forum a more unpleasant place It doesn't look like a male/female thing either. It's more of a "people who choose to believe the worst" v "people who keep an open mind" So when the question that the owner hasn't posted on social media comes up the people that choose to believe the worst jump to the conclusion that "hes not doing much to find it therefore it's a bit fishy" whereas the people who keep an open mind just think he may not be much of an internet user but good for you for apologising, pity the others couldn't do the same
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