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    Many of you reading the title are proberly saying ffs But it's a positive post,!!!! Maybe of help to others, also reflecting on all the help, and problems with heating in the past. I went through 2 refurbished webastos, and One new eberspacher. Having problems with the boat not heating fully in the cabins bow and stern. ( a freezer) I ran 6 large radiators and a water tank. The heating unit never recycled, but never really got hot. I've now had all the pipe work changed from plastic to copper And had a Rayburn fitted, and now have heating through out the boat. With or without circulation pump the pipe work is high and the pipes and rads get really hot. But were stopping using the Rayburn, summers here! And last 3 mornings been using the eberspacher and now also heats up the whole boat, as hot as the Rayburn, which brings me back to the conclusion, it was always about the instalation! Folks you know who you are,! repeated these words on your replying helpful posts, and to confirm they were right!! I was ashamed when the old plastic pipes, and many joiners, elbows, straights were removed, all low level hidden away. A proper instalation of 22 mm straight runs, one high and one lower level has made our diesel heater perform like it should, radiators balance and bled properly it's a joy!!!! Mornings 2 hours of diesel heating in transforms our boat to a warm boat through out. What happens now, never before,! is the heater every 10 mins, winds down, and then returns to full power. Never had this before! The pipes and radiators are hot hot don't know if this is good or bad but Right through our heating problems, 1,2,3 people were highlighting the importance of correction instalation Lots of others also helping and also questioning their own heating niggles. But I now realise that the diesel units were not faulty, it WAS the instalation, We now enjoy 2 different ways of heating the boat, and yes it took along time getting there It wasn't the units, it was the instalation. So if any folks have heating problems, pipes rads not getting hot as they should, its easier to blame the unit, but maybe look at the instalation. Many thanks Col
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    Interesting article by Paul Mason about the problems of English identity or the lack of one and the implications of that in devolved Britain. I think he's spot on, the class and cultural divisions within England make the notion impossible and meaningless.
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    They were postmen delivering mail on a daily basis or else working in the sorting office. Just ordinary people trying to earn a living to feed themselves they were the pawns in TNT plans to take over the postal service Nothing like couriers you just do not see what is going out there to these people forced onto zero hours because you chose not to
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    If you will read and believe articles published in the Guardian then you will inevitably develop a jaundiced view of life.
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    I am afraid it is a matter or birth and ancestors we have no choice. However how we feel about it is another matter. A lot is made of class and social divisions and of course they are there in the UK without question but it need not divide us or effect us all. You are the one who can choose to behave toward and react to others in the way that you do. I disagree from the article "... When it comes to class, there is no other nation in Britain where the cultural divides are so pronounced and so persistent as they are among the English... " again it is there but so it is in many nations. To not see it in the USA (just look at what is going on with the black and Hispanic communities and money is everything there try being a blue collar worker living in the Hamptons for example) or indeed India (who struggle to get away from there cast system) is blinkered. It does not mean it is OK just that it is common in many places societies are divided we just have different names for it in different countries and different divisions. One could argue that a lack of specific identity (not sure it's correct that there is none) is a step towards true egalitarianism and England is just a cultural mix. Mind you I write this sat in North Wales and the happier for it.
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    Why should any of them get anything apart from Job Seekers if they don't get (re)elected .... when they are elected they are effectively employed for a fixed term contract and have to reapply (stand for election) if they want to carry on in the job... their employers (the electorate) decide if they want them back for another 5 years or if there is a better candidate. I won't get redundancy when my employer decides they don't need me any more so why should MPs?
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    If the local Alvechurch hirers are anything to go by don't forget the pirate costumes and ghetto blaster.
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    Greenie John why should someone who stands down get owt Peter
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    You will save more space if you drink in the pub instead, and you can have proper beer too.
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    Be wary of falling into the trap "I like this want one" it has snared a few of us ex hirers.
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    Not in my name
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    oh dear, Mike, you are definitely overthinking. The 6mm plate was flat but when LB fabricated the boat they rested a wide piece of 6mm plate on the vertical swim plates, welded it into place and then flame cut it on at least the curved side. Like all pieces of thin plate it distorted under gravity and the heat produced during welding & cutting. The additional width that you are worried about probably amounts to less than 1mm (I could calculate it but it is insignificant). Bracing it so it was flat would splay the sides less than that amount, because the steel would partly take it up in compression. Don't worry about built-in stresses in the steel - it is a flexible material in the thicknesses we use on boats and would do no harm. The boat is full of built in stresses anyway. Traditional Dutch 'barges' were built of formed plates (deliberately curved) which is a different thing altogether. Don't worry about it.
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    Yes it is a fair bit of loose change but £33,000 of it is salary related and the balance is for expenses to close down his offices and that includes redundancy payments for his staff. He was made redundant so guess he is entitled to something. Not sure why central government can not just pick up the office expenses directly.. I do however think that those that stood down should only get the costs of closing down offices for example (and I know there are others) William Hague stood down and has an estimated wealth of £3 million gets the redundancy payment of £33,000 but he was not made redundant
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    Two very kind boaters decided the lock landing would be a great place for them to moor, leaving all of 10 feet before the lock for us to land the boat for one of us to get off to do the lock. Thankfully the last boat that had gone through the lock had left both bottom gates open, so we cruised into the lock and Dave climbed the lock ladder with my keys (electric lock) leaving me at the tiller. I normally do the electric locks and he does the tiller. Went through the lock without incident. Arrived at the next lock I say "where did you put my keys", he replied "didn't I give them to you when I got back on the boat at the last lock"? ..... just then about 10 cyclist pass shouting "have you lost a set of keys - they are back at the last lock" Thankfully one of the LTM was vacant, giving us enough space to turn the boat as there were boats moored on both sides of the river. And away we head back down stream to the last lock, hoping no one has picked the keys up yet. We arrive back at the lock and a gentleman and his two small children are waiting for us with the keys. They had watched us go through the lock and noticed the keys after we had left. He had asked the cyclists to let us know when they caught up to us and had waited there for us to return. He had taken the children to watch boats go through the lock while he was waiting for his car to have it's MOT done nearby. We asked if they had ever been on a canal boat & if they would like a short trip. We only took them up the river about a 1/4 of a mile but father and both sons were thrilled. It's small acts of kindness like this that restores my faith in man kind, and would like to think that it was a good "life lesson" for the two small boys as well. One good turn deserves another Foot note: I now know, to not only remind Dave to check the stern gland greaser at the end of each days cruise, but to double check he has my keys when getting back on the boat at each electric lock
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    I find it incomprehensible as to why some people go to the trouble of spending hundreds of pounds of buying a licence and then not displaying it. What is it that some people do not understand about the requirement to display a name, number and licence on their boat? It strikes me as being either pure b****y mindedness or they do it for some nefarious purpose So when they are written to, refused a new license, taken to court, refused passage, have their boat seized or whatever may happen as a consequence - they have no case to say how unreasonable C&RT are being. No matter how much they may protest they are far from being martyrs. All they are doing is messing it up for the rest of us as they force C&RT to turn the screw tighter and tighter.
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    So you are able to turn your head from children who are escaping war, famine, abuse etc? If I didn't think it our moral duty to offer assistance then I would be proud to be part of a nation that separates the needs of children from political agendas and just f#*king helps! You clearly don't live in the real world, you have managed to seperate the faces and names of these children to become a mythical problem, a burden or a scam. You look for a reason not to help without thought of what these children might be trying to escape, a shrug of the shoulders and a 'not my problem'. When the reality is brutal, terrifying and keeps me awake at night.
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    Go to bo-bo's with a hot water bottle and if my instructions are followed will still be full of nice warm water for making early morning coffee. After warming up the feet in bed first and then if slipped up yer nightshirt or nightie onto your chest it will keep it really nice and warm until morning. You don't have to lie on your back all night because of it, but can roll over face down ''prone position'' where it will keep even warmer, Warning!!! This position will cause severe bruising if using a stone hot water bottle. Rubber hot water bottles are the best for the purpose and quite harmless unless you happen to swallow it and choke to death during the night. In view of such a catastrophe happening, I recommend the wearing of a full face crash helmet whilst asleep, same as what the racing drivers wear. If you like weak luke warm coffee or tea your early morning cuppa can be made immediately. If not, just either bung the hot water bottle in the microwave for a minute or empty it into a kettle to boil it. The taste of coffee made with hot water bottle water has a very pleasant rubbery flavour and splendid aromatic aroma which is I think nice and quite exquisite. A substantial saving in power can be had by using this method.
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    Yes, I'm sure, and a lot of people will endure great hardship. However, this hardship will have to be endured. Here's an analogy. I'm married to a woman, and she constantly spends money, far more than we earn, on my credit card.We go on numerous exotic foreign holidays every year, buy brand-new top-of-the-range BMWs every year, have 62" plasma screen TVs in every room, buy the finest food from Fortnum and Masons. Eventually her spendthrift ways lead to disaster. All of my credit cards are maxed out, and I throw her out. I marry a new wife. She cuts up our credit cards, we holiday in a tent 20 miles away from home once a year, share a £500 Ford Mondeo, have one portable TV and buy the cheapest food from Aldi and Lidl while she steadily pays off the credit card debt. Are my straightened circumstances because my old wife was better with finances than my new one? No, they aren't. I certainly wouldn't want the old wife back, and it seems like the electorate didn't either.
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    Thinking back to my GCE days now. The word "licence" is a noun, in this case meaning the licence that can or need not be displayed. The word "license" is a verb, meaning in this case the action of obtaining a licence. Therefore it is correct to say that a boat is licensed if it is displaying a correct licence - it cannot be "unlicenced" so if no licence exists it will be "unlicensed" (as a matter of interest here my spell checker has underlined as incorrect "unlicenced" but seems happy with "unlicensed") Before anyone gets upset over this, I understand that in America they spell licence as license. Dave
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    I'm sure you have seen envelopes marked 'Important - not a circular'.
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    I was told of a DIY fitter who used one. As he worked his way along the boat, fixing cupboards and things, the boat gradually leaned further over that way, and if you looked along from one end to the other you could see a sort of helical twist to them.
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