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    Excuse me Chum! I use a freezer on shore and will have one in my boat if at all possible. Not because I use ready meals (foul things) or because as you claim I am a "greedy pigs and love gloating over and stocking up masses of food" but because it is cost effective. I can buy four steaks and freeze them seperately. I like to buy my meat from the butchers whenever possible and discounts on say chicken thighs means I can often get 3 0r 4 meals for the price of 1. With food prices continuing to rise while incomes either remain flat or decline You need to be canny on these matters rather than knee jerk! Apart from which this site is for sharing INFORMATION of Canal living rather than IDEOLOGICAL OPINION and insults! So wind it in!!
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    No it isn't. You're shooting from the lip, once again. It's thermocouple. MtB Are you related to Naughty Cal?
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    Goodness HN, I thought you had emigrated
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    On the contrary, we left Limehouse at 0835 on 20th July, and passed Brentford at 1040 without having exceed 4mph through the water, so the engine was most certainly not at all stressed. We had to wait for half an hour below Richmond so we played "doughnuts" for fun to pass the time.
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    Bump for CRT update - Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Lock 48 (Barrowford) Monday 5 August 2013 until further notice UPDATE (14 August 2013): Further to our notice on Monday 12 August, our team has been busy on site. The damaged concrete has been fully removed along with the timber flooring. The new timber has been prepared and installed. The cills have been installed and will be locked into position today. Today, once the cill has been fixed in place, we will be laying the new concrete. This should take around three days to cure before we can remove the scaffolding and start to re-water the area. In the meantime, our teams will be completing two sections of wash wall repairs and debris removal at the site. We anticipate that the canal will be open by Monday 19 August. A further update will be issued on Friday 16 August before midday.
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    Really? Perhaps the BSc and Masters certificates in Materials Science were misprints and the career in advanced materials and textiles research was just a false memory then? Having specialised in the surface science involved in the interaction between aerospace grade textiles and soft finishes I think I can speak reasonably knowledgeably about the snake oil and placebo effects of chucking a rubber ball in with your dirty washing and, whether or not it works, there is no denying that a non-recycled plastic and rubber ball, filled with drift mined minerals and shipped over from China is most definitely not "green". Surely the same can be said about the tiny amount of Persil non-bio that I put in my machine or the drop of washing up liquid... If we all chuck vinegar overboard then would we not just be increasing the amount of a different, potentially harmful substance released to the environment. You are definitely making less of an impact whilst you are in the tiny minority of people polluting with acid, rather than washing liquid but if we all switched then you'd be among the polluters and the few people still using Persil would be the green minority.
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    Let's get this straight: Your going to Hull, deliberately, for a holiday?
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    Are you round the twist or something? Came across that stove which is still in production in the US and may be of interest to fellow enthusiasts. I am not advertising or selling it. I actually made stoves so do have an interest in them. With Falkirk now gone in South Africa it leaves Brenmarl and the US ones as the only ranges left in production suitable for back cabins. This forum is about information and both these stoves (Epping and the "Shipmate") are now historical "left overs" but still being made. The Shipmate is also marketed as a "Halibut" btw. Falkirk South Africa made the "Dover" ranges, last sold here as "The Stratford", the No2/3 are long gone and only recon ones can now be brought from here: http://www.dassies.co.za/stoves.php#
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    Greenie, that thought was buzzing about in my brain too. Luctor if you think it's getting stale Then post something interesting instead of moaning about other people's posts. A forum is only as good as its contributors, you seem to have joined the miseries.
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    There is demand for 5 and 14 day moorings. Older less fit boaters need to be considered, we can manage a leisurely journey but a mad dash from 48 hr to 48 hr moorings is not suitable. Besides which if we are going to visit and spend money in the wider area we need to stay longer. Vulnerable boating customers should not be pushed out into the dark remote reaches of available moorings. A lot of us cannot afford to pay overstay charges, how can we trust the implementation anyway. It's a dreadfull policy and needs to be dropped. There is no justification or need for it. If boating is to be a pleasure then the last thing we need is a regimented over controlled environment .
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    I see it exactly as information. Laurence isn't selling it and at present there is a distict lack of back cabin stoves available, so if someone can provide information to help someone else out, what's the problem??
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    As nobody is selling the things it's not advertising, its a discussion on the lack of choice of back cabin stoves. Had any luck selling your boat yet? I ask on here where to get stuff. Better change your sig,its advertising .
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    I like it when I overhear conversations on the towpath when I'm unseen inside the boat. The best remarks are made when a child asks his dad, "what's that engine?" Dad, not wishing to lose face or admit ignorance replies authoritatively. I've heard all sorts of weird and wonderful explanations of the spark plugs on the Kelvin and I've smiled to myself when I've heard the engine described as a Lister, or better still, a steam engine. The hydraulic pipes on the elum of the butty have been variously explained as "power steering" or - I kid you not - "brakes". I once shared a lock with a hire boat whose steerer asked me if Fellows, Morton and Clayton were a good firm to hire from! (Yes, I know I've told this on the forum before!)
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    Using the free search on Ancestry.co.uk The 1881 census shows a boatman Stewart Rose living at Braunston. Born c. 1811 in Sanley, Derbyshire. Married to Mary Rose. Had a son also called Stewart born in 1850, also a boatman. They are the only ones that come up if you enter 'Rose' and 'boatman'. Name: Stewart Rose [steward Rose] Age: 70 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1811 Relationship to Head: Head Spouse: Mary Rose Gender: Male Where born: Sanley, Derbyshire, England Civil Parish: Braunston County/Island: Northamptonshire Country: England Street Address: The Green Marital Status: Married Education: Occupation: Boatman Registration District: Daventry Name: Stewart Rose [steward Rose] Age: 31 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1850 Relationship to Head: Son Father: Stewart Rose Mother: Mary Rose Gender: Male Where born: Braunston Civil Parish: Braunston County/Island: Northamptonshire Country: England Street Address: The Green Occupation: Boatman Registration District: Daventry Sub-registration District: Daventry If you enter 'Wild' and 'boatman' this comes up: Name: John Wild Age: 60 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1821 Relationship to Head: Head Spouse: Elizabeth Wild Gender: Male Where born: Manchester, Lancashire, England Civil Parish: Manchester County/Island: Lancashire Country: England Street Address: 18 Lees St Marital Status: Married Occupation: Boatman Registration District: Manchester Sub-registration District: Market Street They had a daughter, Annie, was was aged 22 and a machinist.
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    I can find records of two Rose buriels @ Braunston in late 1800 also records of some living in Brentford but give occ as painters & living in Cathrine wheel yard (this is where Thames Boatmen & Lighterman gen lived) Canal Boatmen living in the Hams end of the High Street will check records for Church used by Lighterman ect.also come across Richard Rose ,Sarah Galley & John Earl as owners of two Barges opperated with ten lighter men on the Thames. In my own records apart from a Wild as master of a Barge & lighter on the Stroudwater Navigation in late 1700 the nearest i have in Canal boat familys is Wilde or Wilday/Wildey. Sorry forgot to mention have small info on Wild Rose but as Pete says little is known & as expected his records are more & acurate than i would ever have. Jeannette
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    The primitive human brain looks for patterns in things - and seeks to associate the actions of individuals to a wider 'class' in order to find 'out groups' to drive away and against which to try and unite the tribe. The more primitive the brain of the person the more pronounced this tendency will be - especially among weaker members of the tribe, or those lacking in confidence of their social position,feeling loss of status, or seeking approval. Its why racism is so appealing to the ignorant, or the fearful. And why religions cause wars. And why cyclists are so hated. It isn't actually rational - it is the monkey/caveman brain at work. It can get very nasty indeed when it takes over though as Luctor shows so well! Fortunately there are people with higher intelligence or more evolved brains - or who can control the monkey gibber hate monster - and for that we should be thankful.
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    I do hate that old chestnut that gets wheeled out every time anyone talks about freezers! I miss mine not because we ate frozen ready meals (never!) but because it makes economic sense. Buy a bag of prawns, a big bag of white fish, a big bag of smoked fish, stick them in the freezer and I have the ingredients for a good few lovely seafood dishes. Buy those ingredients for one dish (which is what we have to do at the moment) and the costs are hugely greater. I always had a big bag of frozen mixed veg which I'd sprinkle in meat and pasta dishes. I used to put our crusts in the freezer to grate for breadcrumbs - non frozen bread is a bugger to grate. I also used to make bread or bread and butter pudding out of old crusts or stale bread, frozen until I had enough. When the fruit glut arrives you can always freeze blackberries and raspberries to use in the winter months. Not to mention the reduced counter in the supermarket - there were times when we could pick up £60 worth of meat for £10 just by being there at the right moment. Without a freezer you can only buy what you can eat in the next couple of days. And, of course, ice cream. You can't have a tub of ice cream available when you're feeling a bit low without a freezer. Please don't dismiss those folks that need freezers as people that live off ready meals.
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    We've managed to move the boat to a safe place and having had a better look find the weirdest bits in that they tried to remove the gun metal bits of the stern tube assembly. Fortunately they didn't manage to get the prop disconnected (or she'd have gone down). They've removed bit of the engine (some brass or copper) and glowplugs!!! Bottom line is that as it stands the engine isn't going to be running for a while. The also cut engine wires and nicked batteries, all the shore/inverter 240v wiring and consumer units, etc. have gone. I do understand the sentiments of some here regarding Springers but of course the biggest value is that Dandelion is a member of the family (got it wrong, we've had her nine years this August - kids are 8 -14, she's always been part of their lives). Having had a new bottom and new stern gear and the like, she's a sound little boat. What's interesting is that's she's also flat-bottomed and is thicker than many of her contemporaries (A peter Smith variant apparently). I find myself oscillating between the thoughts that the perpetrator/s must have been boaters through to someone looking for metal to sell on to just malicious kids. there's no consistency in what has gone and there's no reason for some of what was taken or left. We await an inspector sometime today and then we can start to sort things. Thanks for you comments (well most of them :-)), sorry to have spoilt some people's day with this sad tale. Here's a photo (Hillmorton) of our first day with her (the two kids are now ten and twelve!) and happier days (full diesel empty water): Vic
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