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    Just thought I would post a wee update. My boat is now in the dock being repaired. It has taken a while to arrange everything and to liaise with insurance companies and boat repair folks but everything is now underway. The gas locker lid and front doors will be adjusted so they open and shut without the assistance of a thwack. The dent in the bow will be cut out and replaced, and the internal wall that came detached from its fixings will be replaced too. Once it is all done I will take some pictures. Edit to add that the Piano was fixed pretty quickly and is back to full working order much to my delight.
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    Socialism doesn't or shouldn't take issue with someone who is wealthy. There is no axe to grind over someone who honestly accumulates wealth through hard work. Where socialism draws a line is when this money is gained through unfairly exploiting others. There are two definitions, though, of "exploit". To me, genuine exploitation means purposefully paying a meagre wage and getting rich out of someone else's misery (such as, for example, third-world coffee workers whose labour is exploited for a pittance). On the other hand, an employer who pays a fair salary and clevery uses someone's talent is a different matter so many socialists accept a fair day's wage for a fair day's work. So, for me, if someone is rich that's fine by me. I used to work for a Jewish family who, after WW2 set up a chain of drapers shops and through very hard work got very very wealthy. A huge house with huge gardens. As a socialist I say good luck to them. They paid their staff well enough and worked hard to get where they were. However, I also think if you make capital the symbol of social success then that's not good for society. There is still a lot more to life than materialism.
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    Rubbish! I'm not skint (though I'm not rich either). When will righties realise that not everyone in the world is are completely selfish. Just because you don't care about other people doesn't mean nobody does. I thought Chumbawamba pouring a jug of water over Prescott's head, for selling out his socialist ideals was highly amusing. I now think Chumbawamba selling their song to be used on an ambulance chaser's TV advert is highly ironic.
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    Can i call for people to be judicious in their quoting of the OP... repetition of lots of photos does slow connections and stretched FUPs no good!
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    But at lest we could have rested easy in that if Herr Hilter had ever got as far as the K&A, he would never managed to move his troops down it . . . . . . . . . unless they waded between the boats (Coat)
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    I often have to say "who are you " when people say hello , the get a bit upset and say "it me " , usually turns out to be someone i have not seen for twenty years or more and they have gone baldy ,wear glasses and have a walking stick and have in no way at all any resemblence of the person i knew all them years ago , they get even more upset when i say they have gone right down the pan and it is no wonder i dont recognise them.
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    Welcome to Canalworld Shaun Your new bestest friend Fuzzy "stalky" Duck
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    My OH's brother travels the world visiting bike shops for a living so I've texted him to see if he can get hold of one or knows a man who can.
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    It was quite interesting when I worked in the marina. At the marina, everyone knew who I was (not least because I had my name on my shirt). However if I saw people outside of the marina they frequently didn't recognise me. They probably wondered who was giving them such a familiar greeting when they passed me on the cut. However it is easily explained by context - people know you in a particular situation and recognise you - meet you out of that known context and it doesn't register. It is not just your face that people recognise you by - it is an overall combination of things. In my youth when my conceit stopped me wearing glasses I would recognise people on the street by the way they walked or what they were wearing as often as I recognised their face. Now Fortunata comes up with a fancy diagnosis of something which we all have to a lesser or greater degree. I'm not convinced it needs yet another diagnosis designed more to give pseudo-analysts yet another excuse to relieve people of their money.
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    The support group meetings must be hilarious to watch...
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    If you are gong to ask a question, try to ask it in a way that others have some idea what the heck you are on about!
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    If as a nation we truly have plummetted to such an unfathomable level of moral bankruptcy that we need to take a lead from the French then we are clearly in a desperate state of affairs.
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    With sound signals, be careful not to get mixed up between horn signals and Morse code. The horn signal for "I have engaged reverse, I am turning round to port, GET OUT OF THE WAY" is signalled as three hoots, followed by four hoots, then two hoots, and one long blast. In Morse code this translates as "S" followed by "H" then by "I" and finally "T"
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    Really? Then why not give it all away to people poorer than yourself and bring yourself down to their standard of living, rather than just expecting people richer than you are to do so. Same reply to you. Give it all away then. It's easy to say "I'm a socialist". Somewhat more difficult to genuinely be one. Especially if it's your own money you're dishing out instead of someone else's.
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    In order to raise the tone of this debate, I'd like to point out an anagram of 'Kate Middleton': 'naked tit model'. :D
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    When people are skint they are totally left wing. They want everyone else to chip in and support them. If they get a decent job or win the lottery they become totally right wing. They don't want to be subsidising the losers. When will people start to accept this and be a bit more honest about their political leanings? <coat> (even though it's a fact)
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    A rower in a canoe! How does that work?!
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  19. 1 point
    Kassett Pummpäut Tyllrpyn Bläkkyng Fenndur Viydach Günnal Wynndlaas Sturngyr Kœntur Ynnvrtyr Pyggynbokks
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    Me and my flat chested wife went to marriage guidance this morning... "So, what seems to be the trouble?" asked the counsellor. "Well", I replied, "Dolly Parton here seems to think I'm too sarcastic".
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    That is just down right rude and what some dislike and so dont post
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    Ed. because it was too catty, even for me. But what you do have to understand Martin is that it is not for you to police what people say on the forum. You are not a mod and hopefully never will be. It is only for you to decide whether or not you wish to participate. Of course you can exporess any opinion you like but don't go getting all smug and sanctimonious when people respond in kind.
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    I think wjm's idea to keep it simple is best. Why not either post if a fuel boat has passed you or if you want to know where a boat is. Anyone know where baron is?
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