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  1. Over the last few months there has been a succession of threads about how nasty this forum is. Genarally from relatively new members, complaining about long standing and regularally posting members. In my opinion mostly without justification, of which the latest thread is a fine example. In this one he tries to prove his point by name calling in the thread title. Ironic or what. Many of the thread starters throw more insults in their thread than anyone else. I have rarely seen anything really offensive or insulting on here and when it has happened the moderatoers have generally dealt with it effectively. Some people have left the forum because moderators are too harsh, others because they are not harsh enough, that suggests they get it about right. Perhaps a new paragraph in the terms and conditions is required such as “This forum has lively debates where differences of opinion occur and humour is often used. If you cannot accept people writing things you disagree with, or you have no sence of humour then perhaps it is not the place for you. There are other, humourless and boring forums that you might enjoy more. Anyone starting threads about the content of the forum may be banned as not being an asset to the best canal forum on the internet”. Now I love a good conspiracy theory so here's one. An alternative forum has members who are upset that there forum does not attract the interest, interesting posts and lively debate that occurs here so have decided to instigate a barrage of posts about how nasty this one is so people leave here and join them. Well it's possible. Basically if you don't like it, go elsewhere without having to start a thread about it. Don't keep saying how bad it is, it's not and the vast majority of members on here would agree.
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  2. There is no arguement to be had. Your question answers any arguement that may have been possible
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  4. Have you looked at the small electric water pumps made by Bosch and used on certain Mercedes cars, among others, to run the heater. They are 12v, rated at high temperatures and have around 16mm pipe connections. Not cheap new but a few quid from a scrappy. John. Oops just seen above post. That will teach me to read to the end of a thread before posting!
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  6. What I find particularly funny and true in what you have said, is that the people who are generally bad mouthed as the bullies, the clique, and the bad boys, are the ones whom I have found most helpful in real life, knowledgeable and genuine in who they are. And conversely, I have been insulted/ trolled to death in the last few weeks by a couple of very new members who didn't stay long, offered very little of value to the forum, and had no intention of peeking out from behind their keyboard aliases to actually put their money where their mouths were in terms of their inflammatory behaviour and bitching. Such is life!
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