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November 2013. Almost a year after I started this.




I haven't been here for ages...sorry.

Didn't realise I had so many followers.

As I reported..I followed the Newcastle diet to the letter and essentially starved myself. This is dangerous..as has been said..but I did it.

So..I expect people are wondering the outcome as it will soon be heading for a year. For me..its been amazing !

The initial results seemed good..But how did it shape up ?

Well...the Newcastle diet did something.?

Even though I started eating fairly normally..I didn't pile on the weight....a little..but tghen the weight gain stopped....even with some beer and chips. Its like my body has reset again to when I in my twenties?

With other diets..I would have done...but not with this ?

Something has definitley changed with my body caused by the diet.

I followed the early version of the diet. This is almost a 'starve to death' version...where the weight dropped off daily. I monitored myself very carefully as there are huge dangers there...blood sugars...blood pressure...weight....general 'feelings'.

Today..I had the results of my yearly review...tests taken over the past few weeks.

I waited rather fearful..as I have taken to eating cakes of late !

Blood sugars ..NORMAL !

Cholesteral...4.5 previously 5.2 !

They had already reduced Metformin following the diet...but now I don't need it..its been 'officially' stopped.

I am being monitored again in 12 weeks...so will see how that goes.


Now...an aside...which seems like an advert but its not.

A friends husband was diagnosed with cancer. Large tumours including one on the liver. The surgeon said the liver was inoperable...and he had not much time left. Without knowing of my diet ..his wife put him on a similiar diet to mine. A 'ketosis' diet...where you essentially starve in an almost 'death' way. He improved. Returning to the surgeon, the surgeon could find little outward traces of the cancer, so scheduled him for a full scan. There was no sign of liver cancer. The surgeon didn't believe this and he operated to examine the liver. The tumour is gone, and the others have almost disappeared !. They are small and easily operable now. I make no claims for this..maybe mistaken diagnosis. If you want to try this or similar diet..its dangerous..and you must make up your own mind.


To sum up..the diet (in its early form...starvation and rapid weight loss) did something to my body. I can eat cakes..chips...and my sugars are normal and I do not put on weight. It is like no other diet I tried.

I will still be monitored but don't have to drag increasingly strong meds about any more. Most importantly...I FEEL GREAT...full of energy..dynamic..once again..like I was 20 again !


I will put more in here in February 2014 when I'm checked again.






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