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Newcastle diabetic diet..starting week 4




Christmas...was a nightmare. The thought..of what I could have been eating....and instead..I had the 3 meal shakes...and a plate of cauliflower with home made tomato sauce !!. Also...the reviews of success or failure of the diet are mixed..and when you get that hungry you start to see the failures as bigger than the success. My own feeling..is that people aren't following it totally as per the original..?

There is a lot of adaptation...where they are using supermarket and Slimfast shakes...that contain a lot of sugar.Also..not all like to stick to the 3 shakes routine...so maybe they are not getting the full benefit..?.

There was something strange happened on Xmas day..that I made a mistake using supermarket brand chopped tomatoes and not checking the label (Essential for diabetics !!).

I used a can where the portion contained about 3 teaspoons of sugar !.

Over the next hour..my 'levels' shot to nearly 8.8...but then went rapidly back down. 30 minutes later..8.0..30 minutes..7.2...then over the next hour ..back to 5.3..

This is similar to my non-diabetic wife..?...

Maybe the diet is doing something..?

I wouldn't have done that before..?..but I have 5 weeks to go.

I now weigh....11 stone 13.

Last night..I had to play a stand-in at a show in Hayling Island...and my white shirt and black trouser looked like I borrowed them from my dad.If the belt had given out..there would have been a major incident...


Week 4 starts today.....



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