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### STAFF VACANCY; Technical Administrator ###

This announcement is no longer active


Canal World is looking for a Technical Administrator to oversee the server-side operation of the forum, as after four years sterling service RichM our current Tech Admin stood down last month.


This roll one which can be fitted around the applicant, but is also critical to our success and the smooth running of the site going forwards, so if you are in any way interested or able or if you know of someone who might be, please get in touch via PM or email and we can talk it over.


The role can somewhat be tailored to the individual, but in principle is likely in include;

  • Overseeing the 'back end' of the forum, hosting, site backups, software updates and the like.
  • Development and improvement of the site to keep software and systems up to date and or add new features.
  • Some day to day running of the site, including minor technical issues members may have.
  • Document system changes, and communicate work to myself and or members.


Clearly a technical mind and understanding of similar systems is required. However, a combination of using out of the box forum software which its own technical support, friendly hosts, and AWS makes the role as simple as practically possible.

A position of significant trust, the applicant must be reasonably available in the case of urgent technical issues, although the majority of work can be flexible around every life, with the total hours required being perhaps 25 hours per month on average.


A thread on the topic can be found here: 



Thank you



Site Owner

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