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We're recruiting! - Moderator Vacancy

This announcement is no longer active

Canal World

We're recruiting! - Moderator Vacancy

Due to additional requirements, Canal World is looking to recruit additional moderator(s) over next few weeks to work alongside the current team, both to grow the team and replace members who have since retired from the role.

Due to the typical tasks involved, the ideal candidate will have a moderate (or better) level of computer literacy with previous experience performing forum, chat or group moderation. Previous website/forum administration experience is a big plus but not essential. We're also keen to hear from individuals who have had significant exposure to other online forum communities and their methods of operation. We will however consider all applications given that we fully appreciate and respect that this is a voluntary role. Everyone will be considered based on their individual merits. 

Moderators will join the current site staff in front-line voluntary work after a short introductory period.

Typical tasks include:

  • Maintaining the forums content and atmosphere
  • Engaging with and assisting members with general and moderation related enquiries
  • Responding to and completing post reports
  • Reviewing content submitted for approval 
  • Merging duplicated topics and posts
  • Moving topics and editing topic titles where appropriate
  • Promoting healthy debate, discussion & content
  • Removing inappropriate content and exercise disciplinary action where appropriate
  • Removing spam and spam accounts
  • Escalating serious or repeat incidents to forum administrators
  • Provide input and contribute where possible towards the operation and long-term future of the forum

We recognise that we have a user-base with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all walks of life. As such, we're also interested to hear from users who may be interested in helping out in other areas of the site. - We're always open to ideas and we have a discussion topic regarding this linked here:)

If you are interested and are able to contribute some of your time to help maintain our site, please contact us by clicking here. Please provide a short cover note outlining your interest for the role along with any experience, knowledge or skills you can offer.

Canal World is owned and managed by DHutch. The site is operated by a Team of Volunteers who kindly provide their time to help towards maintaining the site. We are extremely grateful to those who help make Canal World what it is today for the benefit of its members and guests alike.

Thank you


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