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That time of year.

Posted by catweasel, 06 May 2012 · 558 views

Well it looks like the boat season is upon me, and as usual I am unprepared. Went down today to take stock of things and drop off the spare gearbox that I have just bought. Also put all the water back on and checked for leaks.
I am pleased with the performance of the paint over the winter as I used household paint last summer (International ten year.) It went on nicely and is shining well in the sun. I didn't get it all finished because I was taken ill and have been in and out of hospital, but all that is hopefully behind me and I can get it finished. Early signs are good and if it lasts well then I wont be bothering with "boat paint" again. Having recently "retired" for some of the week I am hoping to be able to spend more time with the old girl, and hopefully some time with the boat as well. Due to come out for blacking at the end of the month, so intend to do some alterations to the rudder, namely increasing the area and make it heavier to try and damp out the "rudder judder." I love my boat, but one little annoyance is the rudder which is rather feeble, but Mr Welder and some 10 mm plate should help things.

Are boats ever finished? (rhetorical question.)

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