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South to Stowe Hill

Posted by jelunga, 06 April 2012 · 474 views

Time for bottom blacking. We made an arrangement for Stowe Hill to do our bottom and they have just finished it. So we left dry dock this morning to float for the first time since Monday. Felt really strange living on the boat in dry dock. Rock solid and no rolling as you move about. I felt I was drunk all the time.
We went to the local pub next to Rugby Boats called The Narrow Boat. As we went in, there were no warning sign about needing to have taken out a second mortgage before ordering any drinks. But 18.45 seemms a lot for 1.5 pints of Eagle, a port and brandy, a packet of crisps, a little pot of nuts abd a Bulmers Pear. So be warned.
Had a little bit of a disaster last night. The carpet at the end of the bed was wet, so after pulling up the carpet tiles, finding wet boards and discovering a phddle under the calorifier, a new one has to be fitted. Rob and Graham are very kindly going to spoil their Easter weekend and do this for us tomorrow. Great service. They are to be recommended.
Then back on our travels heading home to Sawley for an early May hospital appointment. Ah the joys of aging!

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