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Posted by saltysplash, 10 July 2008 · 667 views

Im not sure if this will work but Im gonna try and do a Blog on another site, Not that I have anything at all against this site, far from it, I just feel it might make it a little more personal to Laura and myself.

   The Canal World Blog is very simple and easy to use and has been a great start for me but now, Im gonna spend hours struggling with links...


Posted by saltysplash, 30 June 2008 · 256 views

Ernest Shackleton wouldve been proud of us.

     We decided to try again and get up to the winding hole to turn Lady Elgar round. With Laura on the bow with the pole swishing as much weed away from us a poss, we managed to get half way along the moorings before we came to a dead stop with the prop choked with weed. This time we both plonked ourselves on...

Flob a lob, little weed

Posted by saltysplash, 30 June 2008 · 536 views

Sunday morning saw me up at half 8 to get ready to poodle up the arm to the winding hole and let Herbie go off for her 2 week cruise to the River Wey.

   I met Neil at the stern as he was just prepering Herbies weed hatch, we both fired up the engines and I set off for the Windly windly hole. Within 30 seconds it was obvious i had some serious weed on th...

Roy Orbison

Posted by saltysplash, 28 June 2008 · 343 views

Day 21


   Our original plan for this day was to cruise down to Denham Country Park and find a little spot for 1 last barbie before doing the last 3 and a bit hours back to base camp.
The day dawned overcast and very breezey and a few showers accompanied our meanderings through the locks. At Batchworth we were aided by orange lifejacketed ch...

Peter Sellars and Sophia Loren

Posted by saltysplash, 27 June 2008 · 374 views

Day 20

  The morning broke dry and lovely. Following a couple of brews we fired up and cast off, Nora working the swing bridge and 1st lock while we kept looking behind us in the hope of seeing a boat coming down behind us who we might share with.

   Its wasnt to be so we slowly dropped down the heavily locked Hemel Hempstead section and arrived at the...

Adam Ant

Posted by saltysplash, 26 June 2008 · 200 views

Day 19

   According to the Log we started up the Perkins at 11.30am after I had cleaned away the BBQ from the night before and taken down the Sky dish. The weather didnt look at all promising and there were spots of rain in the air.

   Sure enough within 10 mins of setting off a couple of very heavy squalls washed everything down and blew everything abo...


Posted by saltysplash, 25 June 2008 · 154 views

Day 18

  We departed the Globe in lovely sunshine and in anticipation of the 18 locks ahead of us.
A planned short stop at Tesco in Leighton Buzzard refilled some cupboards and fluid cabinet however the waterpoint proved to be defective. It doesn't take long to leave the town behind and after Grove lock the rolling hills and fields open up again givi...

Bucks Fizz

Posted by saltysplash, 23 June 2008 · 301 views

Day 17

   Late start today as we only planned to go as far as the Globe. Hadn't topped up the fuel tank since Reading and knowing hard we had been forced to punch the flow of the Thames I was keen to top up again and see what we had used.

    Milton Keynes marina was the first services so we turned in and approached the fuel landing. It all seemed v...

Electric Light Orchestra

Posted by saltysplash, 22 June 2008 · 249 views

SUMMER AND LIGHTNING, all around us.  

   I think it mustve been about midnight that the electric show began in the sky followed by loud rumblings of thunder across the valley. The rain was so heavy that the plants on the roof took quite a battering so when we woke this morning to blue skies and sunshine evrything seemed so much better, except that is fo...


Posted by saltysplash, 21 June 2008 · 145 views

Day 15

   Opening the blinds this morning revealed drizzle and then some more drizzle.
It was morning as well, about 6am. We knew we might get a bit of noise from the mainline railway nearby but hadn't bargained for the sheep with megaphones. Actually we did manage to drop off again and evenually arose about 10am....still drizzling...so a couple of...

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