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theres only one person in the chat room!

Posted by floatingtraders, 28 March 2012 · 474 views

Theres only one person in the chat room!
these forums are really quiet why is that? i have just joined this forum and i was looking at some of the blogs does anyone use these sites, as i have just set up a community site for all boaters fishermen and people that use the waterways i am now wondering,there is one person in your chat room who is he chatting to?
i would like your help.. yes you. www.floatingtraders.co.uk/community1 is a venture where Saying hello to some walking on the tow path isnt a great moment in your life,but when everyone says it to you ,it makes you think. On the edges of our cities there is a community that waves to you as they pass by ,says hello while walking the dog and wish you luck catching fish. If you are one of these people i would like you to join and get involved in the floating traders community website,whether you walk your dog, sail your boat or have waterside business i would like your input. Lets breath a little life into the waterways.
so i have been trawling the forum site looking for some lively debate oh no what a shocker....

http://www.canalboat...4/general-forum nobody there dead in the water,last post 170 days ago..

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How do you get into the chat room?
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