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up till now

Posted by a.p.now, 11 February 2012 · 214 views

Up to now i think iv probably wanted a narrow boat from the age of about 16 or 17 have reserched it on and off and slowly for some reason fallen a little in love with old working boat and lister jp2 engens well videos of them at least.

when i was looking for my first boat and had got to the stage were i was thinking well its now or never i realised how hard it is to actuly buy a boat haha well privitly enyhow, geting let down or promised a boat the it being sold out from under me. we visited a broker who did nothing but mis inform us about the boat we were looking at and corsed us alot of truble.

in the end a mate who was in ely said there was a boat that could posably be for sale in the boat yard over the cut so i trondled over and had a chat with garf the dude that ownes the yard who was doing work on her at the time. hay presto a cuple of weeks later i was the realy verry prowed owner of my first boat.

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