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a little late starting the blog

Posted by a.p.now, 11 February 2012 · 225 views

well as its my first post i should introduce myself. i am nathan and just befor christmas i got my first boat apnow she is a late 70s to early 80s harbrough with a slightly lower bow than the window smasher.

when i got her she was in a bit of a state with roten timbers and drafts all over half finished project i think the term would be. so i inlisted the help of a fue mates and have started to go to town on her.

so far she has had done....

new kitchen cabnets well half of them
a new sink and worktops with new taps
one side of her has had rotten timber and old t&g riplased
built in seating.
iv got wardrobes in the bedroom with a pull out bed now instald well retro fited till more time is avalable

i have spent much time re insulating her and geting her as draft and leak free as i can till summer gets here

there is other stuff too but its been some time so ill have to ceep ading to it as she gos along

more to come

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