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Weekend of chaos in London riots devastates city

Posted by lindiA, 12 August 2011 · 469 views

London is the scene of a new breed of social unrest, as rioters and looters coordinated their attacks through social media services including Twitter, which Scotland Yard is counseling people against doing. Unrest followed the shooting of a male by Scotland Yard, which has led to rioting throughout the city.

Article Source: Weekend of London riots leaves city devastated by looting

Cause of rioting

Tottenham, one of the northern boroughs of the city of London, erupted in riots over the weekend when a shooting by police caused tensions to boil over into violence. Mark Duggan, according to The Guardian, was shot and murdered by a police officer on Thurs, Aug. 4, when the taxi he was riding in was stopped, and an "exchange of gunfire" occurred. Duggan was known by police officers as a gang suspect. A police officer shot him right away when he saw Duggan. At the scene there was a firearm discovered that was non-police issue. There was police issue ammo found. It was in the policeman’s radio. Tottenham residents were worried about this. The shooting seemed too suspicious. Demonstrations on Thursday night and into Friday and Saturday eventually gave way to rioting, according to USA Today.

Growing numbers of rioting people

Friday demonstrations and demonstrations went into Saturday. That was when a small group of individuals got the rioting started. According to the Telegraph, police were rumored to have roughly handled a 16-year-old girl during mass demonstrations. Automobiles, homes, and companies were all set on fire while several police were assaulted. London police focused their attention on the fires and rioting, which freed up "opportunistic" criminals to engage in rampant looting of stores throughout Tottenham. The rioting was stopped for just a little bit until Sunday evening when it started in other London districts, according to the Daily Mail. Sunday, there were confrontations between looters and police in a South London district called Brixton and in the North London borough called Enfield. At least 160 people have been arrested.

Looting coordination

Several of the issues have come from coordinated looters. It was coordinated through social networking such as Twitter and BlackBerry messaging applications. Time explains that people sent along private messages with BlackBerry Messaging. The messages were also “Tweeted” so everyone knew where to go. The looting is being called ”opportunistic criminality” by Scotland Yard who says that it could mean arrest for everyone to use social networking including Twitter to additional looting activities, as reported by the Telegraph. Already there is an investigation that has started. It will determine the individuals that are in activities including this. In London, one of the poorest neighborhoods there is, is Tottenham. For several years there have been difficulties between authorities and residents.

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