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Posted by Ange, 02 October 2009 · 374 views

After finally getting round to starting a blog I've been very remiss in updating it. The main reason is actually, for me, the biggest drawback of life aboard, but fortunately not a permanent one. Our batteries are so shot that even when they've been charged all day they don't have enough oomph to power the laptop. This means I have to have the engine running to spend any length of time on the internet. As we have to turn the engine off at 8pm this severely limits the time I can spend on it in the evening, which is the time of day suitable as we're either boating or hiking / exploring in the daytime. To make matters worse we have a WinTV dongle instead of a television. Consequently we can't watch TV after 8pm, and when we do watch it we can't hear very much as the engine drowns out the laptop speakers! But hey ho - we just need to save up for new batteries.

We're moored just below Skipton on the Leeds & Liverpool at the moment - and the countryside is absolutely gorgeous up here. We had a glorious sunny day yesterday, but today is rainy & dismal. Days like yesterday in October are a real bonus.

We started our journey on 21st June just below Milton Keynes. We stormed (in narrowboat terms!) up to Adlington in ten days as we needed to get there for my dad's 70th birthday. Since then we've ambled up the Leeds and Liverpool, stopping when a place takes our interest for however long it takes to explore all the sights. We've managed to meet up with a few forum members along the way as well. We also met up with Malcolm Bullock, who bought Iona as a shell and fitted her out. He's going to copy some pictures of her when she was new for us which is really exciting.

Pretty soon we're going to have to turn back towards Manchester as we're planning to winter in that area. I'm hoping to get a bit of contract work - if it works out a 6 month accountancy contract would set us up for the next year (and maybe pay for new batteries!)

Dave's off exploring at the moment, when he gets back we're going to post another entry with details of the water tank which is now finished and working (yippee) as a few people have expressed an interest. He's currently working on the next thing on the to do list which is new cupboards - Iona definitely wasn't designed as a liveaboard and is woefully lacking in storage space. He's been stymied by the weather today though, he needs to do a lot of the woodworking outside and it's raining. He looked heartbroken when he wandered off to explore the area we're moored in :cheers:


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