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Sheepishly updating the blog after over a year...

Posted by Ange, 01 March 2011 · 269 views

Ho hum - failed miserably this time! I see we left our blog in January last year off to my job interview - oops. Well I got the job - though instead of 3 months they offered me 6 months. On the one hand this was brilliant as it gave us a chance to put some money away, but it meant we were tied to the area until July 2010 when we were hoping to get moving in March. Mustn't grumble though - the money came in very handy.

The end of my contract coincided with the announced closure of the L&L so we swiftly exited via the Wigan Flight. We made sure we were better prepared for the "Wigan Fright" this time, enlisting my brother-in-law, his mate, my dad and a forum member (NoFixedAbode) to help with the locks while my mum made hot drinks and sandwiches. I don't think the couple manning the boat paired up with us could believe their luck when our crew arrived from all directions!

Our next adventure was crossing the Ribble Link to the Lancaster Canal - I won't go into detail as I've posted a full account with photos on the forum and on Facebook. We're still on the Lancy now, with our return crossing booked for 21st April. Unfortunately no temporary work was forthcoming this year so things are a wee bit tight but we're a long way from giving up yet!

I'd recommend the Lancaster Canal to anyone - especially around the Morcambe Bay area. We were lucky to be near the Lune Aqueduct when they started drastic remedial work and went on a guided behind the scenes tour on Dave's birthday. We also joined the Lancaster Canal Trust and have been on a couple of work parties.

Our plans for 2011 are Liverpool, possibly the HNC and Rochdale, then down to Coventry to visit my brother, then onwards to the K&A. Now I've bitten the bullet and updated maybe I'll keep you better posted this time!!

Apologies to those that have had to nag me into updating, and apologies for rushing through - it would have taken pages and pages to do justice to the last year.

You never know, I might even figure out how to put photos with the blog.

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