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Blisworth to Pitstone

Posted by bargeeboy, 24 September 2010 · 327 views

What a relief to awaken just before light and no rain. That meant we were clear of Stoke by 9 and batting round the pound when I notice the auto bilge pump working overtime. Thought is was the rain water draining through and thought no more of it. Around Castlethorpe thought I should take a further look and discovered that the bottom engine water pipe from the pump to the cylingder was leaking badly and squirting in a direction that I was unable to see when normally oiling up. I took the steelsons and have the big inch and a half nut a turn and guess what it leaked more !
Leave it alone and wait until Cosgrove Lock. Whilst in lock I duly tried again and yes it broke !

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Lucy arrived back from the caravan park stores with real food ingredients at the same time as young David arrived fresh from getting Kangaroo and Australia back to Grendon. I sent Matts back to the stores for spare parts and Emu put us on a line.

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Narrowcraft Express Bolinder Spare delivery service came upo trumps and arround Simson a 'new' pipe arrived. I fired up just before Fenny lock and we made haste having taken 5 hours round the pound. This put us behind and it was arround 9 when we tied at Pitstone and took advantage of the Tring Chinese Food delivery service.

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